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At SIA we focus on guiding young top athletes at the start and during their professional career.

With every player who joins us, we talk about the possible course of his or her career.

A tailor-made plan starts with a focused analysis, after which the objectives and expectations of the player are discussed.

We know from experience that a lot comes down to young athletes. In addition, many of them are required. Within the capabilities of the player, we also provide football technical support, mental support, career planning and contract mediation at the current or at a new club.

In this way we ensure that the athletes only have to focus on their sporting performances.

Each player has his own point of contact within the SIA team to monitor the individual development as closely as possible. In this way we are always aware of the latest state of affairs and can adequately anticipate where necessary.

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What do others say about Soccer Insight Agency

Soccer Insight has a very personal approach. Always available and available for anything.

Away from the guidance of young footballers and know what comes to them.
With this guidance, the best in the players is brought out.

Soccer Insight is honest and sharp with its football insight to the player, not pampering but giving what can be improved.

Marcus Steffen’s mom

Claudine Raemakers

Soccer insight stands for personal guidance, you help here with o.a through Personal training.

SIA helps you to get the most out of your career and have the best for you. They are always positively critical and are trying to make you better. They are very involved and are always there for you. You can always send them a message or email them for questions and help.

I am very happy with soccer insight because they are happy to help you and always put the interests of the footballer first.

Rivano Louisa

I am very satisfied, you help me on football and mentally and with that extra training I notice that I am getting stronger, fitter and learn a lot.

Apart from that, Michael as a person is very chill and yes I can handle him very well. We have a very good relationship.

Blnd Hassan

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