Player Management

Player Management

SIA, a Golden Team for important developments on and off the pitch

Quality Network

Access to a large and important national and international network

SIA Personal Training

SIA pays a lot of attention to the physical, football technical and mental development of players

Personal Development Method 

SIA has its own development guidance method on football technical level

Organizing scouting test games

Top talents from lower divisions mixed with the talents of different professional clubs will be present here

Key Value of Soccer Insight Agency

  • Transparency
  • Reliability
  • Involvement
  • Knowledge  

By monitoring these values ​​SIA has national and international appreciation!


Guytho Mijland nominated for best goal of the weekend! (10-02-2019)

Guytho Mijland

Second Division

Soccer Insight Agency

Believes in you!



We find transparency an important key value. We will therefore at all times give you openness in which you as a sportsman and person are central!


Personal Soccer Training

Our aim is to serve our talents as well and professionally as possible. In addition, their development in football is essential. We have therefore chosen to enter into a warm professional cooperation with former professional football player Chaimil Mormon.

Chaimil is pre-eminently the ideal motivator and makes athletes visibly better. Chaimil mainly teaches the athletes to think about choices on football and tactical issues and is someone with an eye for details. He is always positively critical. Chaimil aka BossLove is therefore perfectly in line with our vision.

What do others say about Soccer Insight Agency

Soccer Insight has a very personal approach. Always available and available for anything.

Away from the guidance of young footballers they know what comes to them.
With this guidance, the best in the players is brought out.

Soccer Insight is honest and sharp with its football insight to the player, not pampering but giving what can be improved.

Marcus Steffen’s mom

Claudine Raemakers

Soccer insight stands for personal guidance, you help here with o.a through Personal training.

SIA helps you to get the most out of your career and have the best for you. They are always positively critical and are trying to make you better.
They are very involved and are always there for you. You can always send them a message or email them for questions and help.

I am very happy with Soccer Insight because they are happy to help you and always put the interests of the footballer first.

Rivano Louisa

I am very satisfied, you help me on football and mentally and with that extra training I notice that I am getting stronger, fitter and learn a lot.

And apart from that, Michael as a human being is very chill and yes I can handle him very well. We have a very good relationship.

Blnd Hassan

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