Michael Overbeek Bloem

Michael Overbeek Bloem


Michael Overbeek Bloem has played football at a high level in the Netherlands. After that he started playing soccer in Germany as a semi-pro. Michael has not been able to make the switch to professional football due to many injuries and unfortunately he has to end his football career prematurely.

After his football career, Michael started a career in pedagogy. His years of experience in this field is perfectly in line with guiding young top athletes, who are often confronted with downs during their career, in addition to many ups. This can bring a lot of stress and uncertainty.

Michael combines his top sport experience with his knowledge for pedagogy to prepare players in a professional manner and teaches them how to deal with this. Personal attention is the ‘key factor’.
Besides Michael’s experience as a footballer and pedagogue, he is social, involved, creative and innovative.

Jeremy Overbeek Bloem

Jeremy Overbeek Bloem

Scout SIA

Jeremy Overbeek Bloem is a former professional footballer of, among others, De Graafschap, Vitesse Arnhem and Ajax Cape Town.
Jeremy has been through a lot during his pro career and knows better than anyone else what to expect during this process.
Jeremy is therefore perfectly capable of guiding young players early in their careers and helps them in making the right choices.
Jeremy’s experience as a professional footballer, professional knowledge and passion for football makes him competent and representative.
Delano Hasselbaink

Delano Hasselbaink

SIA Scout/Player Agent/Coordinator

Delano and football go very well together. Delano played from the C1 (O13 / O14) to A1 (O17 / O19) at De Graafschap. Because of his experience and knowledge, Delano knows what is expected of players at a young age. Partly because of this, Delano can fully empathize and give the players the right information, tips and motivation. Delano also knows the other side of football life.

By breaking his lower spine he knows better than anyone how to deal with physical setbacks. Because he did not receive the right guidance, Delano could no longer optimally motivate himself to turn this setback into a positive follow-up. Delano therefore has not only competences to recognize talent, but is also able to mentally coach young athletes on a mental level.

Delano is also a SIA coordinator and besides scouting talent, he also organizes and coordinates scouting test competitions.
Top talents from lower divisions mixed with the talents of different professional clubs will be present here.
In this way, SIA offers these players the opportunity to show themselves at a good level under the watchful eye of various invited scouts

Arjen Groen

Arjen Groen

Personal Trainer

Arjen has been active in the Budosport Karate since 1992, in which he has won the black belt since 1998 and since 2005 the 2nd.
At the Open NK tournament, Arjen gained 2x the second place and the third place at the National Championships.

Since 2002 Arjen Kickboxing has started to do so (C-class parties).
Arjen owes his know-how to his years as an integral professional trainer within the police academy. In addition, Arjen has a wealth of experience as a sports instructor with which he provides various clinics,
such as Karate, Punching Training, Kickboxing, Personal Training, Resilience training, Bootcamp Training, Teambuilding, Climbing and Outdoor activities.

Arjen has an important role in the physical mental support of our players.

Harrie Jaliens

Harrie Jaliens

SIA Scout

Harrie breaths football and comes from a real football family. His brother played at mainly Vitesse Arnhem and also Go Ahead Eagles Deventer. Harrie also has a rich football history at AGOVV Apeldoorn as well as NEC Nijmegen. Harrie could not return to his old level due to many injuries. After these periods Harrie still played with several Dutch big leagues. By holding his position as a scout, Harrie can be passionately involved with his great passion and that is discovering talents.
Cathalijn Steenstra

Cathalijn Steenstra

SIA Study Planner

Cathalijn is a teacher of profession and therefore naturally has an affinity with young people. Cathalijn also has years of experience working with hard-to-educate youngsters in education.

Because of her open attitude, charisma and involvement Cathalijn is able to make easy contact.
Cathalijn is structured, has quick insight into bottlenecks around a study plan and can therefore anticipate thinking about how to design appropriate planning for the Player in question.

Ilhan Westerveld

Ilhan Westerveld

SIA French Translater

Ilhan was born in the Netherlands but has lived in France since his early years. Ilhan has basketted himself at a professional level and therefore knows what is demanded in top sport.
In addition to his activities as a leisure teacher, Ilhan SIA supports French-speaking communication.

Liora Overbeek Bloem

SIA Spanish Translater

Liora comes from a real football family.
Her father, uncles and cousins ​​all played football at a professional level.
Football is therefore not an unknown territory for her.

By having lived in Spain for years, Liora has become powerful in the Spanish language. Liora supports SIA in the Spanish speaking area.

What others say about Soccer Insight Agency

Soccer Insight has a very personal approach. Always available and available for anything.

Away from the guidance of young footballers they know what comes to them.

With this guidance, the best in the players is brought out.
Soccer Insight is honest and sharp with its football insight to the player, not pampering but giving what can be improved.

Marcus Steffen’s mom

Claudine Raemakers

Soccer insight stands for personal guidance, you help here with o.a through Personal training.

SIA helps you to get the most out of your career and have the best for you. They are always positively critical and are trying to make you better.
They are very involved and are always there for you. You can always send them a message or email them for questions and help.

I am very happy with Soccer Insight because they are happy to help you and always put the interests of the footballer first.

Rivano Louisa

I am very satisfied, you help me on football and mentally and with that extra training I notice that I am getting stronger, fitter and learn a lot.

Apart from that, Michael as a person is very chill and yes I can handle him very well. We have a very good relationship.

Blnd Hassan

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